The Little Chuppah That Could

It’s been quite a while not only since I blogged, but since I shared the Chuppah! It was finished with a week to spare and was very well received. You can click on the photos to see larger versions.

I feel like after making the trees, stars, and water – the direction of the quilt was pretty solid. This was going to represent the seasons, the elements -basically, nature. Flying Geese are a very traditional quilt block but I loved the idea of using them in a new way to show the geese flying both North and South.  I made them in varying sizes and then bulked out the smaller blocks to fit with the larger and tested a couple of layouts.

Then I decided to add the sun rising in the East (i.e. the right) side of the quilt. I had pieced together this insane cushion top several years ago and hadn’t really done anything with it. It dawned on me that cutting the section in yellow/orange/red would be perfect to represent the sun. I used the templates I’ve used for my circle quilts.

The sun went together better than I could imagine. And then you may remember I mentioned maybe making a little sailboat? Well, I kid you not, I was cleaning up scraps and the perfect little sailboat body revealed itself so I took it as a sign and stitched up the cutest little sailboat and appliquéd it to a section of white fabric pieced together from scraps.

Now I had almost all of the elements and could start playing with layout.

Laying everything out made it clear I was missing a moon so I got to work on that. But then there was a giant gap in the middle that I decided to fill with a “sky” that was pieced together using varying shades/textures/prints of essentially white fabric.

The end result looks great but there were many moments of having NO IDEA how this was going to work. I didn’t make one big square, it would have been too obvious, so I made 3 separate rectangles that fit together to fill this space. If I may say so, this was some next level shit for me.

And then it was DONE! For the purposes of the wedding, I made tabs at each corner to tie it to the Chuppah poles, tacked them to the corners, and sewed the whole thing inside out with a backing. Then I flipped it right side out and violá, more or less!

I wasn’t taking any chances so this little beauty rode in my carryon to the wedding. The wedding was as beautiful as the couple and I was so grateful to be included in such a meaningful way.

Right after the wedding I made a crazy colorful back for the quilt and sent it over to my favorite longarmer Gina Pina to have it quilted it up as my machine is MUCH too small for something this size. She and cam up with having free motion “wind” quilted at the top, and free motion “waves” at the bottom.

Well, I got it back just over a week ago and it is so beautiful. I’ve just about finished putting on the binding and will photo shoot it this weekend for a full reveal! I plan on submitting it to be included in the 2016 QuiltCon show. That is some fierce competition so I won’t be heartbroken if it isn’t accepted but I am proud to have something I feel is worthy!


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