Chuppah! Chuppah! Chuppah!

My very dear friend is getting married on June 20th. While her betrothed is not Jewish, her family is so she’s pulling in a lot of those traditions. That includes getting married under a Chuppah. I can’t remember if I offered to make it or she asked me to but that is neither here nor there because I’m making it. NO PRESSURE.

They are outdoor enthusiasts and have spent a lot of time hiking and camping here in Texas and on the East Coast. In fact, he has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. So it made sense to me that I’d want to bring a lot of outdoor elements into the design.

You can see these little stars up there as well. Hot damn those were a pain in the ass. I made them with scrap fabric first (about 8 times) before I finally got the math down. And they’re small, so they’re extra fiddly.

From the same fabric line I’m also tinkering with these clamshells to sort of mimic waves and/or hills/mountains. They’ve spent time sailing in Sweden so this is my loose interpretation/nod to that. I really like this.

Maybe I can hide a little sailboat in there somewhere. HOW PRECIOUS WOULD THAT BE??!

The last feature will be a couple of traditional flying geese in varying sizes that I’ll blend in with the trees. Somehow. Basically, I’m creating a bunch of different elements and then figuring out how they’re going to fit together.

The finished size for this will be 5’x7′. I’m planning on having the last 6″ on each side be a border that will hang over the edge of the frame. After the wedding, I’ll send it off to have it quilted and it will live at the foot of their bed.

Whoo boy. I’m out of town two of the next 6 weekends between now and the wedding. WISH ME LUCK!


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