Circle+Quilt. Quircle?

This is yet another quilt for my pal Kelty who is friends with and related to the most fertile people in the United States. LUCKY ME!

This quilt is for her soon to be born (already born?) nephew. Name TBD. Her sister is going for a modern cowboy sort of country theme. She sent me a photo of the nursery and it had beautiful wood paneled walls and a great old deer/antelope/whatever skull on the wall.

My first thought was to get a great wood grain fabric.

Both of these grays are of a wood grain pattern, despite this photo not really displaying that so well. I also thought of this great Cotton + Steel  design with arrows. Though I guess that’s more Native American than Cowboy but it’s so stinking cute, who cares.

I also pulled form C+S’s new line with the Games for a Rainy Day print on the most delicious canvas and then filled in with a few a great blown out geometric print from my stash. I LOVE these colors together.

The way the layout worked ended up leaving me with an extra slot to fill. Rather than fudging it and repeating something out of order I decided to make a Bold Statement and dropped in this true red slice. I love the unexpected pop it adds to the wheel.

Lastly, I added a piece from Charley Harper‘s organic Birch line. To make this center piece, I traced a circle on both the fabric and some lightweight fusible interfacing using a bowl. I sewed them right sides together using a 1/4″ seam, cut an “X” in the interfacing, flipped it right side out, and steamed that sucker onto the quilt top. [Do not forget to cut a piece of fabric to cover the hole on the underside or you will fuse this to your ironing board which would be BAD.]

After fusing it, I hand stitched an invisible seam around the whole thing to make sure it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll piece the back and probably wrap this little guy up this weekend. It was super fun to put together and I can’t wait to see the finished product!


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