The new baby is here! The new baby is here!

The first baby of the next round of friend’s kids was born this week. Margot Rose arrived healthy and happy and hopefully I’ll get to meet her soon and give her this delicious quilt. Really, it just feels “yummy” to me.

photo 1

Here are the pieces cut and ready to be pieced. I made the plastic templates for these and have used them enough times that they are all chewed to shreds. I think it’s time to invest in acrylic templates. This template is often used to make a pattern called Drunkard’s Path….read on.

photo 2

But first, layout. Like most layouts, this took me some time. I’ve found that the best way to do this is to lay it out sort of Helter Skelter, step back, take a photo, and see what jumps out at me. Oftentimes, I’ll see something in the photo that I can’t see when I’m looking right at it. I don’t know why, but it’s helpful.


This quilt is quite small for my baby quilts and was quick and easy to quilt up. It may sound strange, but I’m not much of a quilter. And I hear that from a lot of quilt makers. The fun is in the cutting, piecing, and designing. When it comes to the actual “quilting” I don’t have a sense of adventure. I want straight lines and I want it done fast so I can get to the good stuff, like hand binding. I love hand binding. When I took my first quilt class and the instructor offered to show me how to hand finish my quilt binding I said NOPE. When she offered instruction on making your own bias tape vs. buying it I said HELL NOPE. But now, both of those things are my most favorite part of making a quilt. It’s the quiet time that I get to sit with my nearly finished work and really put a part of myself into the quilt.

Sometimes, there’s a little red wine that ends up a part of the quilt but I’ve started using an adult “sippy cup” in the sewing studio to avoid that in the future.

photo (1)

I had these little labels made and I think they’re an adorable way to label your work. I got them from Modern Yardage and they have a number of different designs. Pretty cute!

I’ll take final photos of this quilt over the weekend and post next week.


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