Old News-New Quilts

Despite not having posted in a while, there have been plenty of things coming out of my sewing room.

photo 1

In mid-December, I whipped up this throw quilt for my folks in no time. These blocks are probably about 8 or so inches wide. Super fast quilt that still looks lovely. I didn’t manage to take any final photos before I sent it off. I’ll try to get some of it “in the wild”.

photo 1

At the end of December I came back around to working on some improvisational piecing. The process is basically to lower my ironing board and place it right next to my sewing machine, dump out my scraps (see above), pull out a piece, press it, pull another, press it, attach, and repeat.

photo 2

And this is the end result. I tried to keep a color “theme” going throughout each so that even when placed next to one another, they still read as their own block.

photo 1

Layout took me quite a while. I wanted to keep similar sized blocks in the same row while not repeating color patterns. Once I decided on the layout above, I trimmed each piece in a row to match the smallest in each set and then sewed them together.

photo 2

I decided to put white sashing between the rows to make it less chaotic. This is the finished top and I love it. The quilt has since been completed (and sold). I’ll snap some pics and get those up before it heads out to its new owners.


2 thoughts on “Old News-New Quilts

  1. I saw that beautiful quilt at G &R’s a couple of weeks ago. Jen you are amazing and they are truly delighted 🙂

    From Connie’s iPad



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