The Most Custom of Custom Quilts

The math on this quilt is hurting my brain. Hard. After finishing the Single Girl Quilt top (photo at end of post) I started working on the custom piece for my work clients.

As I suspected, there was no way I was going to get it right the first time. I cut what I thought were all the pieces for the house but when I started to lay them out for piecing, I realized I miscalculated quite a bit so there was a lot of piecing, going to the other room to cut, going back to the machine…you get the picture. I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t just move the iron and cutting materials to the sewing room. I blame red wine.

But once I did finally start piecing everything it looks like it’s coming together well. These narrow pieces are only 1.5″ wide and each square block you see are only 4″x4″. Fortunately, I’m not working with any angles or curves.

photo 1

Pressing these little tiny seams open are a steam burn just waiting to happen.

photo 2

But, after 2 or so hours, I am starting to see progress!

photo 5photo 3

It doesn’t look like much and the poor quality photo along with the scotch tape isn’t helping but I swear, there’s a house in there.

These are some of the blues and violets I’ve chosen both from my stash and purchased specifically for this project. It should be lovely!

photo 4

And last but not least, the Single Girl Quilt top all pieced and just about ready to be handed off to a local long arm quilter. I just need to get the batting and piece the back and it’s ready to go! I am really proud of this and am so excited to see the finished product. Which reminds me, I *also* need to add sashing at the top and bottom. DETAILS.


It seems fitting since Winnie has been in every single photo of my progress on this quilt that he would have to immediately jump on it as soon as I spread it out. I think he thinks it’s his. It is not.


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