One of the great things about living in Austin is that it’s filled with makers. And because of that, there are tons of independent and local stores that sell the things we use to make our wares. When I first started getting serious about quilting I was buying a lot of fabric online because I could always find it cheaper. But here’s the thing, I couldn’t touch it and more often than not I would get my package and be so disappointed with the quality. No one wants a stiff, scratchy quilt.

So now I follow the blogs and Facebooks and Twitter feeds of all of my favorite local stores and can always find a good sale. While I reserve my bulk purchases for really deep discounts/sales, I will pop into a fabric store several times a month to pick up a few things here and there.

This past Friday, The Cloth Pocket listed on Facebook that they were offering a 50% off on all of their pre-cuts. From scrap pieces to nearly 2-yard cuts. Dogs, schmogs. I left work and went straight over there and picked up a really great mix of

Even better, I bought my first ever pieces of Liberty of London fabrics. photo 1

These are 1/4 yard cuts and they cost $11.50/each. That means that a yard of Liberty costs $46!!! FORTY SIX. That is what I call cost prohibitive. But I splurged on the sale and now I have these two very precious pieces of fabric and they feel like fabric butter. Or something like that.

I didn’t have any plans of Friday night and I was itching to cut up some fabric while I was waiting to pick up batting for the quilt top I posted about last week. So I did.

photo 2

It turns out, I cut the wrong kind of triangle. Again. I have this vision that keeps not getting realized because I keep getting confused. But still, these fabrics were great. I laid them out the next morning before going on a brewery tour which you can be sure put a dent in my sewing progress on Saturday. That said, I got a text coupon from Joann (I ONLY buy batting when it’s 1/2 off, thread, and notions here) that batting was 50% off this weekend. Just what I was waiting for!


This looks like a day on the beach in the Mediterranean, no? In the 60’s? Well, I spent a lot of time precisely cutting, precisely piecing, and pressing the hell out of these seams and you know what? Worth every minute. This came together (for the most part) really, really well and the quilting was a breeze. A long, nearly 2-hour breeze, but still.

photo 2

photo 3

This is the back. I LOVE how this lattice work turned out. This fabric is as soft as it looks and the quilting adds to the really lovely drape. At 6 this morning, before my brain turned on, I completely mis-cut the binding so there may or may not be finish photos tomorrow. I did however manage to make the quilt sandwich for the circle quilt from last week so that will get quilted up this week as well.

Extreme Quilting!




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