This quilt does not suck.

I’m watching Season 4 of The Walking Dead and it is SO STRESSFUL. I almost petted all of Winston’s fur off during one scene. No kidding, I had to take a break mid-episode and I decided I would finish the piecing of the quilt of ambivalence. I’m telling you, piece by stupid piece I was just like, “blaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” It wasn’t until the whole thing was pieced that I stood back and was like, “DAYUM!”

photo 1

But wait, this does look sorta blah, doesn’t it? Well, it was nighttime inside a house with almost no overhead lighting. Here’s a close up.

photo 2

I’ve since snipped all of the threads on the front and back but I was too impatient to do that before taking a picture. Look at those pieces, lining up like they’re supposed to! (In the interest of Blog Integrity, I took a picture of the most accurate intersection). Look at this sweetheart in the morning sun!

photo 1

This one. This is the one I want to make a bigger version of for myself. Man, I just want all the quilts.


One thought on “This quilt does not suck.

  1. What a joy to read your page. You are very talented, and maybe should also sell your patterns. They might give you the extra income to make your dream come true. To just quilt. lc


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