Big Dumb Hexie Photos + More on Holly Hobby

Here she is in all her glory.

photo 1

I love how this photo gives absolutely no reference for how big this quilt is. I figured out how to solve that. Add kids.

photo 2

I found some pretty cute ones and I returned them to their owner as soon as the photo shoot was done.

photo 2

Like I mentioned in my last post, I used upholstery weight fabric for the back. I found this at Ikea and it’s pretty darn cute. The birds are a little abstract and weird, sort of like Swedes. This quilt feels practically indestructible. Like my other quilts, I wouldn’t snuggle with it, but I’d be damn sure to have it in the car or in the stroller at all times.

photo 4

I did not notice the pile of cardboard on the right when I took this. Whoopsy. If it’s of any interest, I’ve started keeping tabs on how much time I spend on a quilt. Here’s the tally for the Big Dumb Hexie.


15.5 hours. I’ll leave a discussion about how to charge for quilts another time. Whatever I can say, someone else has said better. That said, I’m just starting out so I am not charging what a 10-year quilt veteran would charge. I’m charging, by choice, what I need to cover my actual costs and eventually, my time will find it’s way into those fees.  And even if it doesn’t I will probably continue making them because I love it.

Moving along…The Holly Hobbie Quilt is coming along whether or not I like it. This morning we were getting along much better even after I made a big dumb mistake.

photo 2

I love the inherent order and process in making quilts. I also enjoy improv quilts but something about the geometry and math of these more structured pieces appeals to me.

photo 1

Each block has 9 pieces. One of them is referred to as a “petal” but to be honest, I have no idea which one that is. It’s likely I’ll finish this top up tonight. It might be a while before I assemble it. I’m out of quilt batting, I use 100% unbleached cotton, and that shit is seriously pricey, so I am waiting for a sale or a deep discount coupon to pop up. In the meantime, amiright? This quilt is all sorts of Holly Hobbie!

holly hobby11


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