Another Finish + A Questionable Beginning

When I was organizing my fabric the other day I was reminded that I had cut a ton of half hexagons when I was making a baby quilt for a friend a couple of months ago and tossed them in a bin. With the addition of some freshly cut pieces from some updated fabrics I figured what the hell? Let’s make another Big Dumb Hexagon Quilt.

photo 1

They’re not actually all that dumb but they are quick to go together. Particularly if you already have 3/4 of your pieces cut. Still, this one is a lot bigger than the normal “baby size” quilt I typically make. I’ve been seeing a scaling up in the size department with my quilts. Probably has something to do with my comfort level with quilting something bigger on my tiny machine.

photo 3

See the size of that thing next to that little bitty sewing machine? I also decided to back this with home decor/upholstery weight fabric so it’s kinda unwieldy. That was after Happy Hour though, so I got significantly more organized and methodical on Saturday morning. 🙂

photo 4

Winston pitched in the best way he knows how. BY BEING ADORABLE. Behind him on the floor is a blanket my Grandmother crocheted for me. He likes to lay on it when I’m working in the sewing studio. He hasn’t even tried to eat it yet.

On Sunday I cut out the pieces for another quilt I’ve been wanting to make. The pattern is called Flowering Snowball. I don’t know why.

photo 2

Here are all the pieces. It’s not at all what I started out with in my head. In my head I was going to make this super girly, super sweet quilt with this fabric I already had at home but when I looked at it again, I realized it was much too muted to stand on its own. So I chose some yardage I bought about a year ago during the Shop Hop.

This is a really pretty mustard yellow flower with cornflower blue centers and a little bit of white peeking out. It is SUPER luxe. Just really soft like the sheets you want on your bed. I had a cornflower blue linen on hand for the centers and while this looks “ok”, it just feels sort of Holly Hobby to me. Maybe it’ll look better when it’s pieced but I was working on it this morning before work and it still feels sort of…meh. We’ll see.

I finished the binding on the Big Dumb Hexie last night and washed and dried it this morning so finished photos will be taken after work today. Stay tuned!


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