Birds of a Feather

I have been quilting for about 2 years but not until this last year has it been with this much earnestness. With each new quilt I pick up a new skill set and new confidence to try something new. Now when I see a pattern that looks difficult, I give it a read and more often than not, I give it a shot. Last weekend I chose to tackle the Feather Quilt that I’ve been seeing all over the place. The fact that I make kid-sized quilts also helps.

photo 1

The pieces on the left were the beginnings of another Hexie Quilt whose top I finished piecing last night. On the right are the pieces for the feather quilt. The piecing and cutting for the colors of the feather was WAY easier and WAY less time consuming than one might think. You just piece together long strips of whatever fabrics you like and then use a template to cut them out. Plus, because it’s all straight lines, it took about 1/3 of the time of the clamshell quilt I made. That thing. That was an entire day of just cutting out pieces.

photo 2

You attach one side of the feather to the “stem” and then the other. Easy.

photo 3

And then you attach these very fussy little pieces at the top that create a straight line [I have no idea how pattern makers figure out the math on these things] and then each of the sides and VOILA!

photo 4

A quilt block. They were the teeniest bit wonky so I chose a size and trimmed them down so that they were all essentially the same size. Fabric can be funny. Then I joined the blocks. This entire process really didn’t take much time. And lastly, I quilted around the edge of the feathers using their seams as a guide, and across the horizontal seams.

photo 5

Have I mentioned I love my sewing room? And the final product.

photo 1

I made sweet little pieced backing that really complements the front.

photo 3

A weekend finish! My goal is to post a new quilt each Monday. To that end, I’ve started getting up around 5:30 each morning to do some quilting before I walk the dog and go to work. I think my threshold for that is 3 days a week. 5:30 is early….

photo 2

In related news, I’ve decided to participate in a Quilt Contest for QuiltCon in February. I don’t anticipate I’ll get very far but I’m feeling confident enough to start working on designing my own patterns. And I’ve asked a friend to help me out with a logo. Here are my mock ups.

photo 1

My “artwork” here clearly demonstrates that I should stick to quilting.


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