The “Q” From A to Z

Well, the “Q” is finished and is in a box awaiting pick up and I have to say, I’m sad to see it go. After spending so much time with these projects I develop an attachment to them. This probably means I should be making myself a quilt soon. Of course, there are about a million projects kicking around in my head ahead of that. TIME! MONEY!

Back to the “Q”. Many, many photos to follow.

In all its glory

photo 1

Another photo shoot in my friend’s backyard. See those chickens to the right of the Q?

photo 2

I worked with my client on every aspect of this quilt. The collaboration was really great and I think her choice of this yellow for the Q was perfect. I also sent her a bunch of samples of different styles of Qs and I’m really pleased with the style she picked out. I hand drew it onto fabric backed with interfacing and then machine stitched it onto the quilt top.

photo 2

Then I hand embroidered the entire thing. This probably took me about 10 hours. That’s a lot of old episodes of 90210 right there. But I’m glad I did. It is so personal and lovely. You won’t ever see anything like this at Target. NOT EVER.

photo 2

The back has such a different feeling than the front but I really like that about this quilt. It’s interesting, I think the binding (in this case, tiny white polka dots on royal blue) is what simultaneously separates and pulls together the front and back. And I absolutely love how preppy this quilt is. It feels really classic and timeless.

photo 1

This arrow print is from the VERY hot and very much swooned over (in the quilting blogosphere) line from Cotton + Steel. I love its sort of retro-Wes Anderson feeling. The botanical print is actually from Ikea. They have really interesting fabric and their lines change season to season. It’s more like canvas than quilting cotton and I think making a picnic quilt with that as the backing would be a great idea. And now I have a million and ONE projects…

photo 3

Here are those polka dots. Polka dots and stripes are pretty much always my go-to binding choice.

photo 1

The quilting wasn’t overly elaborate on this quilt until I got into the Q itself. I wanted to outline it while maintaing the pattern I had already established of quilting on each side of the seams for the colored sections and the white sections. Continuing that into the broken space around and inside of the Q made for a nice effect, I think.

Lastly, I love how wrinkly and yummy this got after being washed and dried. That’s the best part of a finished quilt. And this one is quite large and has some heft to it. It topped out at around 5′ x 3.5′. Quilting this on my beginner sewing machine was no easy task and probably took me three times longer than if I had this dream machine.


I’m very much considering putting my quilt earnings towards the purchase of this machine. It may even allow me to make quilts as large as a queen-sized, maybe?

I finished another project over the weekend that I will be posting photos of very soon!




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