Sandwiches and binding.

A quilt sandwich is the backing, batting, and top of your quilt put together. This is usually the only part of the process that gives me trouble because you’re sort of working blind.


I can see that the top looks great and smooth, right? But I don’t know what’s going on at the back. So I could go to the trouble of pin basting this (using special curved quilting safety pins that go through all 3 layers) and then flip it over and find out it’s a hot mess on the reverse.

But this time, I got smart and decided to masking tape the bottom down to the table so it couldn’t move around and get wrinkled and you know what? This was the easiest and best sandwich making experience to date. And look at that thing. She’s a beauty!

On Friday night I finished cutting the pieces for the reverse of this quilt that I mentioned in my last entry. I had a good friend over and she helped me with the layout. I don’t know if it jumps out at you but from the bottom to the top it follows ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) with some neutrals thrown in there for good measure. I really love how it turned out.


There’s also a glaring error in that layout that I noticed when I was sitting at my machine quilting the other one. Do you see it? I considered leaving it there and decided that was sloppy so I took apart what I needed to and put it back together. And rather than feel like a hassle, it felt good to go back and get it right rather than slouching.

Then I made miles of binding.


This has been attached to the front of both quilts by machine and I’ll finish it by hand. But first, FIRST, I need to get back to the Q. It’s funny that I started these on the side to get a break from the embroidery of the Q and now all three projects are in the hand sewing phase. I’m outdoing myself but hopefully I can knock these all out this week because I have a VERY special project I need to start for a VERY special friend who is getting married in December. It’s also incredibly ambitious and will require me to cut out…wait for it….971 separate pieces that I will then put back together. NINE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE. I must be crazy.


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