A Math Quilt

Embroidery on the Q Quilt is taking a while and it’s difficult to sit for long periods of time and just embroider without losing my mind so I started a side project for my Etsy Shop. The Plus Quilt has been sitting on my brain for a long time. And while I’m drawn to Plus Quilts that use a different fabric for every plus sign, I wanted to try something understated, minimalist.

photo (3)

It only took me about….2 hours to figure this out. I recognize this looks super simplistic but I assure you, it ain’t. Math is hard y’all! The point, however, is that I decided to make an all white quilt (Moda in Bleached White) with just a handful of complete plus signs. Naturally, I chose to do 5 complete plus signs because it’s my lucky number! I picked out fabrics from my stash that I absolutely adore.

photo (2)

It only took me about an hour to cut everything which is amazing because when you’re making shapes or curves it can be a brutal slog to get through the cutting before you even can get started to piece. All these equal width squares and rectangles were a cinch! Then I did a rough layout after kicking all dogs out of my room and closing the door. Note to self: Make a design wall already!

photo 1

The lighting isn’t great but trust me, it’s going to look great. I woke up really early this morning and rather than go back to sleep, I cleaned the bathroom, sewed all these strips together, and took the dog for a walk! Tonight I hope to piece the rows together and have a finished quilt top heading into the weekend.

My next design is already kicking up dust in the brain pan…




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