A Quilt for Q

Currently, I’m working on a commission for Connie, a very dear family friend. She wants a quilt for a 1-year old boy. Something that can transition into something he will still use as he gets older. Something that isn’t too babyish.

Here’s the little patoot. His name is Quinten but she calls him Q and wanted to find a way to incorporate that into the quilt.

photo (6)

Side note: This was Connie’s own high chair when she was a girl and it lives at the beach in Delaware. Both my brother and I use this chair as kids when we would stay at the beach house. Very happy memories, indeed!

Back to the quilt! The timing for this challenge couldn’t be more perfect as I’ve recently been learning more about bias tape appliqué and am signed up for an appliqué class at one of my favorite local fabric shops The Stitch Lab.

My thought was to use a somewhat quiet palette that would leave me space to appliqué a much brighter “Q” onto the front in the bottom right hand corner.

I am taking inspiration from these samples.



Connie really loved the pattern of the second one [the bird would be replaced by the “Q”] and I really like the preppy, understated fabrics of the first one. The final product will be an amalgamation of fabric and pattern.

I can’t wait to get started!



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